With high passive income!

Improved savings D-account with Freedom Finance Global PLC.


Now Freedom Finance Global PLC customers may gain more passive income by holding money in a savings D-account.

There are no fees for placement. At the end of the term, the investor automatically receives the initially invested amount and accrued interest.* 

* Placement, holding and saving of funds is carried out by concluding REPO transactions at your expense in accordance with the procedure specified in the Freedom Broker Regulations.


Minimum amount is 1000
Currency is USD or EUR
Placement date is any
Interest payment is one-off at the end of the term
Maturity is 3, 6 or 12 months
Pre-schedule withdrawal is provided**

** In case of pre-schedule withdrawal of funds, the customer fully returns the initially invested amount, but loses the interest payment.

How much you can earn:

Yield is linked to LIBOR rates (London interbank offered rates).

You can view the current rates in the Tradernet.Global mobile application. When you submit an order to place money, the current rate at that time is fixed for you for the entire selected period. When placing amounts over 100,000 USD or EUR, a bonus is added to the yield - the rates are higher.


Current placement rates

Updated based on LIBOR rates

on 01.06.2023

Terms of placement EUR USD
3 months 3.061% (+0.306% бонус) 4.555% (+0.456% бонус)
6 months 3.401% (+0.340% бонус) 5.062% (+0.506% бонус)
12 month 3.571% (+0.357% бонус) 5.315% (+0.531% бонус)

how to place money for storage?

Stage 1

Open a broker account with Freedom Finance Global PLC

Open a broker account

Stage 2

Top up your account

Stage 3

Submit an order for long-term placement of money. For this:


Log in to the Tradernet.Global mobile application and open the section "Menu – Non-trading orders



In the "Cash" section, click "Long-term placement of money"

Open a security session



Select the currency and specify the amount you want to deposit. Select the placement period

Click CONFIRM and send the order


Advantages of long-term savings on a D-account

  • Alternative to bank deposits
  • Your savings and their profitability are secured by REPO transactions with shares
  • Reliability and low risks
  • No fees
  • Placement of money at any time
  • No penalties for pre-schedule withdrawal 
  • Low barrier of entry, minimum effort and time to open