Часто задаваемые вопросы

Yes, you can find the licenses on the website almaty-ffin.kz in the section "About the Company" - "Licenses and Certificates". And also on the website ffin.kz in the section "About Us" - "Documents".

- Presence in 8 countries (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, USA, Cyprus), 

- Branch network-offices in 16 major cities of Kazakhstan, 29 cities of Russia. 

- Quality support - personal investment consultants, call center, free Analytics 

- Access to Kazakhstan and foreign markets. Opportunity to participate in promising US IPOs. 

- Tariff plans for investors with different goals 

- Training for investors and traders of different levels of training

The client

Custodian - responsible storage with financial responsibility for safety. Usually this is a service of a Bank or brokerage firm for responsible custody of securities.

3% on the D-account is accrued from income of managing customer funds and providing customers while investing with a margin loan.

No. The funds in the D-account are managed by the client.

The D-account is linked to the main account. It opens automatically without the client's participation.

REPO is a transaction for the sale of securities followed by compulsory repurchase after a particular period of time in the future. The interest rate for the use of funds is included in the repurchase price of securities. Market participants can place (reverse repos) and raise (direct repo) cash against securities. 

REPO transactions can be executed in the trading system in two ways: 

1) direct - at tenders conducted by the method of direct transactions; 

2) automatic - at the auctions held by the method of order-driven market - AUTOREPO. Unlike the usual direct REPO, pledge in the form of securities does not pass into the use and disposal of the buyer, it is blocked on the account of the buyer of securities in the Central Depository.

T + 2 is a trading mode when conduct transactions today, and settlements take place in two days. Let us assume you bought securities on Monday. Then the securities will be placed to the account on Wednesday after 17:00. That is, in fact, you will become the holder of the shares only on Wednesday after 17:30. The same applies to the sale of shares. After the sale transaction, the money is credited to your account and becomes available for withdrawal only on the third business day.

Stop loss is a way to limit losses when managing an open transaction. This instruction automatically closes a position - to sell securities - in case of adverse price movement to a certain level. Take profit is a type of pending order to broker to close a profit transaction when the price reaches a certain level.