Часто задаваемые вопросы

Limit Order is an application for the purchase or sale of financial instruments at the desired price. Execution by limit orders is based on the principle of "no worse than the client requested". Selling at a higher price than in the limit order is allowed, but cheaper is not. Let us assume that a client issues a limit order to sell KEGC.KZ at the price of 1400 tenge. When a buyer is found, he will “beat” with market orders this price and take the client's volume. The price will go higher only after the complete execution of the application at 1400 tenge. Full execution may not occur - if the volume is large, only part of the client's application may be accepted. The price will go lower, and then the remaining volume will wait for its buyer at 1400 tenge.

This is an application for the purchase/sale of securities at the current market price. Buying with market order occurs at the best offer price (ASK / Offer). Sale - at the best bid price (BID). The difference between these prices is called Spread. Market orders are the fastest, but slippage is possible - execution at prices worse than scheduled Let us assume that a client sends a market order to buy KEGC.KZ. The best ASK price in the market is 1400 tenge. If sellers set a sufficiently large volume and now there is no rush of purchases, then the client can receive the entire application at 1400 tenge. If there the volume is insufficient, the market order will take part of the shares at 1400 tenge, and the rest at the higher price. For example, part - at 1405 tenge, part - at 1408 tenge. It all depends on the liquidity of the instrument.

On the KASE stock exchange there are only orders with a validity period "by close of business." But you can place an order in the Tradernet platform with the condition "before cancellation". Then the program on the part of the broker will re-issue orders daily.

IPO fee depends on the amount invested:
-less than $20 000 - 5% of the transaction amount
- $20 000 - $49 999 - 4% of the transaction amount
- from $50 000 - 3% of the transaction amount
Additional terms:
Forward contract - from 10%
Sale - 0,5%.
Lock-up period: 3 months (93 days)

In addition, in order to withdraw money to foreign bank account, you need to choose the direction of transfer “outside Kazakhstan” in Tradernet. After entering the bank account number, the “transfer direction” field will become active. You will be required to choose a direction. If the field still remains inactive, contact the assistance desk at 7555.

You can familiarize with tariffs on our website ffin.kz in the section "About Us" - "Documents"

Withdrawal of funds in the Kazakhstan market is arranged within three working days. In the US market - within five business days.

The principal activity of Freedom Finance is brokerage services. We give access to the stock exchanges of Kazakhstan, Russia and the USA.

 Other key products: 

- IPO 

- Bond strategies 

- Trust and individual management of assets 

- Training in exchange trade and investment

You can request statement from the Central Depository of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2000 tenge. Or broker's report - free of charge.

Freedom Finance's equity funds are separate from customer deposits. You can always request broker's report and make sure that money and securities are safe.