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Логотип КазМунайГаз
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Option 1 – online in the Tradernet.Global mobile application

This option is suitable for non-residents of Kazakhstan who obtained a Kazakhstan individual identification number (IIN). Residents of Kazakhstan can open an account online in 10 minutes.

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Operating highlights

From KMG's annual reports for recent years





How to apply to participate in IPO?

Participation instructions, apply


Freedom Broker analysts' report on KazMunayGas

How to buy shares?

Companies go public on the stock exchange to raise money for business development.
An IPO is an initial public offering of shares among a limited number of investors.


Open a brokerage account with Freedom Finance Global PLC


Then, on the trading platform, make an order to buy shares for a required amount




The purchased shares will be displayed in the portfolio on the trading platform. From now on, you can dispose of the securities.

Statistics of past IPOs of Kazakhstan


Total number of IPOs of Kazakhstan since 2006


Average return on investment on the first day of trading


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Maximum yield

Participation in global IPOs with Freedom Broker

Participation in global IPOs with Freedom Broker

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IPO’s were recommended to clients since 2012


Average return on investment on the first day of placement


Average return on investment after the lock-up period

Investing with Freedom Broker


The Company’s operations are regulated by Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA)


The company operates under the Regulated Activities License No. AFSA-A-LA-2020-0019 issued by AFSA. Rating “B-/B”. Forecast “Positive”


The company is part of a holding regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC, USA)

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Frequently asked questions

What is an IPO?

Companies go public on the stock exchange to raise money for business development. An IPO is an initial public offering of shares among a limited number of investors. At this stage, the company offers shares to investors at a certain price or in a certain price range. Then, when the shares begin to be openly traded on the stock exchange, their price may rise by tens of percent due to high demand. At the same time, it should be understood that the growth of prices and dividend payments are not guaranteed to issuers.

How to participate in an IPO?

Open a broker’s account with Freedom Broker, fund it and apply. You can do this in the IPO section of the Tradernet app.

Are there any requirements for an investor to participate in an IPO?

To participate in the IPO of KazMunayGas, it is enough to have a brokerage account and be over 18 years old.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts to participate in an IPO?

The minimum amount required to participate in an IPO is the offering price per one share. The maximum amount is not limited. However, you need to understand that with a large demand for participation in an IPO, there is a possibility that applications may not be fully accepted, because the number of shares offered is limited. At the same time, priority in the distribution of shares will be given to the Kazakhstani retail investors - their applications will be satisfied primarily.

What is a share?

This is a security that gives the right to a share in the ownership of a company. It establishes the rights of its owner to receive part of the profits of the joint-stock company in the form of dividends. There are two ways to make money with shares. The first one is to buy the security at the same price and sell it at a higher price. The second one is to get dividends.

How to sell the shares obtained during the IPO?

You can do this on the Tradernet trading platform. To do this, select shares in the "Portfolio" section and click the "Sell" button. Any trading orders can only be submitted when the stock exchange is open.

Do I need to pay taxes on income received?

Any income received on the Kazakhstani stock exchanges KASE and AIX is not taxed.

How can I be sure that the shares have been bought?

After participating in the IPO, the purchased shares can be seen in the "Portfolio" section of the Tradernet trading platform. You can also request the statement from the Central Depository of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the price is 2,000 tenge) or a broker's report (free of charge).

It is up to you to decide when you start investing

Ready to start?

Opening a broker’s account will take no more than 5 minutes. You will need a minimum set of documents. If you have any questions, our managers will be happy to give you advice


How can I withdraw funds?

You can get a card to quickly replenish your broker’s account and withdraw funds

How can I monitor the status of my account?

Monitor your portfolio and trade online with the Tradernet mobile app

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