In thestock market, a broker is a professional intermediary. It is thanks to thebroker that investors get access to exchanges. You open an investment accountwith a broker, and then you can buy securities through a special mobileapplication or a computer. Thereat, the broker charges a small commission foreach transaction.

The broker must have a license issued by governmentfinancial regulators.

Yes,Freedom Finance Global PLC is officially registered with the AstanaInternational Financial Centre (AIFC). The Licence No. AFSA-A-LA-2020-0019 is granted to thecompany by the Astana Financial Services Authority, the regulator of the AIFC,on May 20, 2020.


You can find other company’s documents at: link

You can open an account online in 10 minutes on the Tradernet.Global trading platform.

You can register on the platform:
– through a browser via a computer (https://tradernet.global)
– through an iOS/Android mobile application.

Video Guide:

For citizens of Kazakhstan, an ID card or passport is sufficient.

Non-residents required for a passport, a document confirming the IIN and an address certificate confirming the place of residence.

A brokerage account is opened and maintained free of charge.

However, it is important to know: the company may charge a fee for the maintenance of dormant accounts. Account is automatically considered dormant if...

– the customer does not make transactions on the account for more than 12 months;
– the account was topped up with less than $300;
– there are no financial instruments on the account.

The company charges a monthly fee of $50 for maintaining a dormant account.

There are three main ways to top up your account:

1st way. Instantly and without commissions using a free INVEST CARD of Freedom Bank.

Issue a card online in 10 minutes: https://bankffin.kz/ru/cards/invest-card/promo

Video Guide: https://youtu.be/xXtgHzBCHRw

2nd way. By a card of any bank through the Tradernet.Global application.

Just open the Tradernet.Global application and click “Menu - Top Up - Bank card”.

With this method, the minimum amount is KZT 10,000 or $30.

Top Up Fees:
2% of the payment amount when using cards of other banks
0% when using Freedom Bank Kazakhstan cards

Amounts over $100,000 are checked for the legality of the source of funds (according to the requirements of the regulator).

3rd way. Through the bank's cash desk according to the account details.

To find out the account details, click in the Tradernet.Global application “Menu - Top Up - Bank Transfer”.

Only from 18 years old.

There is no minimum amount - you can literally buy one share of any company. The value of shares varies, here are a few examples at the beginning of 2023:

– On the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), price of one share of Kcell is KZT 1,804.Price of the KazMunayGas company shares is KZT 9,385 per share.
– On the American stock exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ, shares of 4,682 companies are worth less than $50 apiece.

Thereat, we shall note: investing a small amount may be unprofitable. If you invest only $50 and the stock goes up 100%, you will make only $50 in profit. However, such growth can sometimes be expected for several months or years. Therefore, to get a good return in money, it is advisable to invest more money. Alternatively, you can invest small amounts, but REGULARLY. Therefore, you gradually build up capital and can form a profitable portfolio. For such investments, you can set aside 10-15% of your salary every month.

You open an account with Freedom Finance Global PLC, which registered with the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC).

The AIFC legal regime is based on the principles of English law and the experience of the financial centers of New York, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.
The rights of Freedom Broker investors are protected according to the international standards.

Thanks to the AIFC, it became possible to give Kazakhstan people a transparent and secure access to foreign stock markets within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

When the account is opened, you are automatically assigned the “Personal Manager” tariff. Its advantage is that you are assigned a Freedom Broker expert. The manager will advise you on all issues, regularly send you analytics and investment recommendations.

Personal Manager (default tariff)

• Brokerage commission - $0.012 per share and 0.5% of the transaction value

• Commission per order - $1.2

• Bank commission - 2% (when paying through Freedom Finance Bank Kazakhstan cards - 0%)

• Withdrawal of funds - 0.3% (minimum commission - $30, maximum commission - $250).

Other tariffs: link