Часто задаваемые вопросы

После сделки продажи ценных бумаг, деньги поступают на ваш брокерский счет и становятся доступны для конвертации только на третий рабочий день по окончании торговой сессии.
На следующий рабочий день Вы можете подать поручение для конвертации валюты.

Основная часть ценных бумаг торгуется с расчетами Т+2. Т+2 - это режим торгов, при котором Вы заключаете сделку сегодня, а расчеты по ней проходят через два рабочих дня. Например, после продажи бумаг в понедельник деньги поступят на ваш брокерский счет в среду по окончании торговой сессии. Далее Вы подаете поручение на вывод средств, которое исполнится в течение трех рабочих дней.

Currency dividends are received in a non-trading account so that they can be withdrawn. To withdraw them, you need to translate them in tenge: in the Tradernet platform personal account, open a security session and perform the operation in the ""Currency Conversion"" section. If you want to buy additional shares on dividends received, write to your investment consultant. He will help to transfer dividends to a trading account.

"If the company’s accounts are blocked, this will not affect customer accounts: Freedom Finance’s own funds are separated from customer accounts. In Kazakhstan, money and securities are stored in the Central Securities Depository and Central Counterparty of the KASE exchange."

"Opening accounts for minors is not possible at freedom Finance since 2019. Minors who have opened a brokerage account earlier, make transactions through traders, providing a special document from the guardianship authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Applications are submitted by phone or email."

There are two possible options:
1. the heir (s) has the right to receive the securities as an inheritance.
2. the heir (s) has the right to refuse the inheritance

For the inheritance
1. Within six months of the death of the owner of the brokerage account - the Freedom Finance client- the heir must apply to the notary to accept the inheritance.
2. The notary receives all necessary information about the testator's securities from the unified Registrar
3. The notary draws up a certificate of inheritance
4. The heir visits the nearest Freedom Finance branch and provides the following documents:
a. certificate of inheritance (obtained from a notary)
b. the death certificate of the testator.
c. Signs an order to write off financial instruments from a personal account
5. The investment consultant accepts the documents and opens a brokerage account for the heir (if the account is not opened)
6. Securities are credited to the client's brokerage account
The rejection of the inheritance
Sometimes, the heir refuses to inherit or does not declare his rights. For refusal, the heir must provide a certificate of refusal of inheritance within six months from the date of opening the inheritance.

The company is guided by the Civil code in such cases.
Article 1074. The right to refuse the inheritance:
1. The heir has the right to refuse the inheritance within six months from the date of opening the inheritance. If there are valid reasons, this period may be extended by the court, but not for more than two months.
2. Refusal of inheritance is made by submitting an application by the heir to the notary at the place of opening the inheritance.
4. The heir loses the right to refuse the inheritance after the period granted to him for this purpose has expired.
5. In case of refusal of inheritance, the heir has the right to indicate that he refuses it in favor of other persons from among the heirs by will or by law of any order, including those who are called to inherit by right of representation.
Article 1083. Escheat
1. If there are no heirs either by will or by law, or none of the heirs has the right to inherit (article 1045 of this Code),or all of them have renounced the inheritance (article 1074 of this Code), the inheritance is recognized as escheat property.
2. Escheat property is transferred in the municipal property at the place of opening the inheritance.

There is no minimum amount on the secondary market. You can start trading with any amount. To participate in an IPO on the US market, the minimum amount is $2,000. Recommended minimum amount: $10,000.

Income depends on the situation for a particular security or portfolio of securities. Share and bond prices are related to the state of the economy and the internal financial situation of companies. Almost any securities can generate both income and loss. Even for fixed-income instruments. There are no guarantees of income. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is to distribute funds between different instruments. Then the decrease in the value of some securities will be compensated by an increase in the value of others. Freedom Finance investment advisors will help you include high-potential security instruments and securities in your portfolio.

Yes. Freedom Finance's activities in Kazakhstan are licensed by the National Bank. The company is on the official list of members of the Kazakhstan stock exchange. Globally, Freedom Finance is part of the international group Freedom Holding Corp. The Holding's activity is regulated by the American securities and exchange Commission (SEC). In each country of presence, the company is officially registered and has licenses from local regulators.

- Presence in 8 countries (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, USA, Cyprus), 

- Branch network-offices in 16 major cities of Kazakhstan, 29 cities of Russia. 

- Quality support - personal investment consultants, call center, free Analytics 

- Access to Kazakhstan and foreign markets. Opportunity to participate in promising US IPOs. 

- Tariff plans for investors with different goals 

- Training for investors and traders of different levels of training